Monday, January 19, 2015

Kiora lost her FIRST tooth! Jan 13, 2015

Jan 13th Kiora lost her first tooth!  She is 6 years old and in Mrs. Comeau's 1st grade class!

Highlights from 2014


Logan turns 8 and is baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Feb - Loreen's Utah Teachers license is renewed

March - Kylie competed with Rocky Mountain Cloggers

April - Kylie was able to go on tour to California with the Delta High School Orchestra and Band for a Heritage Performance Festival in Anaheim California,  which Loreen chaperoned, and included a trip to Newport Beach and Disneyland!

Loreen produced the Blue Notes Spring concert " A Grand Night for singing" and will be Blue Notes President in the Fall

Kylie sang and played the guitar in her Freshman assembly in the Spring.

Kylie won 2nd place for her American Pride essay and she presented it at several Memorial Day programs

June & July - Family trip to Washington then Logan to see Loreen's family.   Saw Les Miserables and Bruce Ford (8 hands 2 pianos) perform at the Ellen Eccles theatre in Logan.

July - Tim (Scout Master) and Jaren enjoy scout camp together

Julaine,  Logan and Kiora enjoy British Soccer camp

August-  Continue to enjoy performing with the family at places such as the Fair, Cove Fort Days, and the Care Center. 

August 17, 2014 Tim & Loreen's 20th wedding anniversary

DJ productions summer musical Sleeping Beauty.   Loreen plays the part of the good fairy, Phoebe.   Tim, Kylie,  Julaine, & Jaren participate as well.

Delta Children's theatre group perform the Alice in Wonderland Jr. musical - Julaine (Daisy),  Jaren (Rock Lobster), Logan (Wonderland Creature)

Fall - Kiora enters 1st grade. (6 yrs)
Logan - 3rd.  (8 yrs old)
Julaine & Jaren - 8th. (13 yrs old)
Kylie - 10th. (15 yrs)

Julaine is told by Mrs Chandler,  her orchestra teacher,  that she is the best 8th grade bass player she has ever heard.

September - Loreen take her girls, Kylie and Julaine (and Kylie's friend Angel Barr)  to California to a One Direction concert

Dan and Nancy visit Delta!

Oct 11, 2014 - Meaghan Nix marries Dustin Hansen.  Bob, Judi, Tim, Loreen and family meet up with Josh and his family, Dee and Wilson Nix for the wedding in Salt Lake City

October - Family vacation to Oceanside CA North Coast Village.  Met up with Lindsey and Rick and family.

Nov - Loreen is pregnant with baby #6!  She is 43, Tim is 45!  Due July 13, 2015

Kylie participates in the Delta High School Musical Guys and Dolls as a Hot Box Girl Dancer

November 23, 2014 - Kylie turned 16

Thanksgiving in Washington with Loreen's family

Nov 22nd - Josh gets engaged to Sara Cark

Jaren and Logan love Lego Robotics and Karate.   Kylie and Julaine also enjoy Karate.  Julaine, Logan, and Kiora enjoy soccer.    Julaine and Kiora love dance.  And they all excel in music! Kylie plays violin,  guitar, mandolin,  ukulele, and piano;  Julaine plays bass and piano;  Jaren plays bass clarinet, clarinet,  cahone, and piano; Logan plays violin and is learning the piano;  Kiora loves to dance and they all love to sing.  Tim plays steel guitar and Loreen plays guitar, ukulele, piano and loves to sing.   Especially with her family!

Highlights from 2011, 2012 & 2013


Feb- Loreen gets Lasik surgery

July - Kylie and Julaine sing 50 States in Rhyme with Loreen at the Liberty program

July - Kylie and Julaine record primary songs with Jenny Phillips and Kamie Bolen at a Young Singers workshop.

August - DJ Productions summer musical, Nunsense the Mega Musical.  Loreen was the Nun, Sister Amnesia,  Kylie, Julaine, Jaren were students.

Tim - Working hard planting trees and caring for our property on Gunnison Bend Reservoir.  Roofed our new Pavillion too.

Fall - Kiora at home (3 yrs)
Logan - Kindergarten (5 yrs)
Julaine & Jaren - 5th. Delta Middle School (10 yrs)
Kylie - 7th grade.(13 yrs)

Sep 2011. Loreen's sisters weekend in Las Vegas

Oct 2011 Family trip to Midway Utah

Loreen became a member of (NSAI) Nashville Songwriters Association International

Nov 2011 Hiked Badger Mountain Thanksgiving morning in Richland Washington with Loreen's family


March 3, 2012. Kylie's clogging team won first place and are able to go to Nationals

June 3, 2012 Enjoyed the Bliss family campout near clay springs

August -  DJ Productions summer musical Peter Pan.  Kylie played John,  Julaine and Jaren were lost boys, Loreen was Tiger Lily, and this was the first year Doug Jenkins talked Tim into being on stage. .. Tim was dressed in black and helped fly John and Tinker Bell!

Julaine begins playing the upright bass in Delta Middle School orchestra

Jaren begins playing the clarinet in the Delta Middle School band

Fall - Kiora enters Preschool (4 yrs)
Logan - 1st grade (6 yrs)
Julaine & Jaren - 6th (11 yrs)
Kylie - 8th grade (14 in Nov)

Dec 2012. Holidays in Washington with Loreen's family

Enjoyed multiple performances throughout the year with the family including the opening of the new museum,  fairs,  Old Capital Arts and Living History Festival and the care center.  Tim, Kylie and Loreen also enjoyed performing with Old Time Fiddlers


Jan - bought their first piano!   A 1952 Steinway Regency with a piano disc player.

March 30, 2013 - Loreen's Dad, Lewis D Muhlestein remarried Janis Schoonover (Almost 3 yrs after Leda's death)

April - Kylie's volleyball team got 1st place and Julaine's got 2nd

May, June. Kylie and Julaine's dance group the Rocky Mountain Cloggers are invited to perform at Disneyland!
(Meet up with the Jenkins family while there)

Moved The Sno Barn from its spot at Quality Market so they can repave.  Continue to do events

July - Jaren received the Aaronic Priesthood and Julaine enters Young Woman's.

August - The entire family is a cast member of DJ Production summer musical production of Seussical the Musical.   Tim plays the lead of Horton the Elephant.   Loreen plays his love interest,  Gertrude McFuzz, Julaine plays the lead of JoJo the Mayor's son, Kylie plays the Mayor's wife, Jaren plays Thing One, Logan plays a Cadet and a Who, and even sweet little 5 yr old Kiora plays a Who!

Fall - Kiora enters Kindergarten (5 yrs)
Logan - 2nd. (7 yrs)
Julaine & Jaren - 7th. (12 yrs)
Kylie - 9th enters Delta High School.  (Turns 15 in Nov)

Jaren starts playing the bass clarinet in band

Kylie auditioned last Spring makes it into the Delta High School Chamber Orchestra her Freshman year

Oct - Trip to Arizona for Uncle Eddie's funeral.  Enjoyed time with Tim's cousins and families.

November - Loreen starts work as a substitute teacher in the Millard School District and begins the process of relicensing her teacher's certificate

Highlights from 2008, 2009 & 2010

Added this info to our family book and thought I would include it here.


June 29, 2008 Kiora Lillie Bliss was born!

Blessed Kiora Lillie Bliss in our home on September 14, 2008

Fall -  Kiora - newborn
Logan -  2 yrs old
Julaine & Jaren - 2nd grade Delta Elementary (7 yrs)
Kylie - 4th grade (10 yrs)

Sept - Loreen's sisters weekend and family vacation to Logan UT

Thanksgiving with the Muhlesteins in Washington.  Celebrated Loreen's mom's 70th birthday early!

Dec 28, 2008 Big family gift exchange at the Bliss house!

New Years Eve - Big New Years eve party at Bliss house celebrating Nate's birthday.  With games and Rob lit fireworks.


Kylie played Little Red Riding Hood in her 4th grade play

Purchased The Sno Barn - a shaved ice business. 

June 9, 2009 Oquirrh Mountain temple open house

June 29th big family party at our house to celebrate Kiora's 1st bday! 

July 11th Julaine and Jaren turn 8!!

Aug 1st - Julaine Leda Bliss & Jaren Timothy Bliss are baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   Their cousin Oliver came to Delta too and was baptized that same day with them!

August - Loreen attends her 20 yr Richland High School reunion in Richland Washington.

Kylie starts playing the violin

Fall - Kiora at home. (1 yr)
Logan - Private Preschool (3 yrs)
Julaine & Jaren - 3rd. grade, Delta Elementary. (8 yrs old)
Kylie - 5th grade. First year 5th grade is at Delta Middle School. (11 yrs old)

October - Family vacation to Oceanside CA & Disneyland (with David & Brooke Baker's family)

October 22, 2009 Copper, our Golden Retriever is born.

Christmas 2009 the kids got a puppy for Christmas!


Kylie (fiddle & voice) and Loreen (guitar and voice) start performing with Old Time Fiddlers (Tim joins later on his hound dog lap steel guitar)

January  26, 2010. Tim speaks to his birth son Josh Nix for the first time.

Feb 9, 2010. Tim drives to Red Oak Iowa to meet his birth son Josh Nix for the first time

Feb- Kylie's original musical composition Blue Blue Skies won first place in the school's reflection contest

March - Drove to Red Oak Iowa to meet Josh Nix and his parents Dee and Wilson Nix

March - Julaine participated in the Little Miss Millard pageant

April 7, 2010 Loreen's mother Leda Marie Law Muhlestein at the age of 71

May - Idaho Falls trip to Loreen's sister Melanie's for Joshuah's baptism

June - the Nix family, Wilson, Dee, Josh and Meaghan, visit Delta!

June 16th - purchased 22 acres of waterfront property on Gunnison Bend reservoir

August - DJ summer musical production of Brigadoon, Loreen playing the lead of Fiona.  Kylie, Julaine and Jaren were in it too!

Fall - Kiora at home (2 yrs)
Logan - Preschool Early Childhood center (4 yrs)
Julaine & Jaren - 4th Delta Elementary (9 yrs)
Kylie - 6th grade. Delta Middle School (12 yrs in Nov)

Jaren and Julaine auditioned and sang with the elementary choir.  The last year they did it.

October - Attended the premiere of Speed of Life, the movie Loreen starred in

Visited Loreen's family in Washington.   Went to the fun town of Leavenworth.

Kylie entered Young Womans at 12 yrs old

December - cut our own Christmas tree

Loreen performed with Charley Jenkins New Years Eve

Merry Christmas 2014

What a year!

Merry Christmas 2013

June 2013.  Loved this pic so much we made it our Christmas card.

Merry Christmas 2012

Better late than never.   Wanted to post a pic from then!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

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From our family to yours!... We wish you a very Merry Christmas season!
Tim, Loreen, Kylie (Age 13), Julaine & Jaren (Age 10), Logan (Age 5), and Kiora (Age 3) Bliss

2011 has been a wonderful year for the Tim & Loreen Bliss family!

Kylie is 13 and in 7th grade at Delta Middle School. She loves her classes and is especially enjoying her drama class. She keeps busy with advanced math and science and all her other classes. She is loving her advanced orchestra class this year, still activily playing her violin. After school her violin turns into a fiddle while playing with the Pahvant chapter of the Utah Old Time Fiddlers with her mom and dad, as well as family performances. She also sings beautifully and loves to harmonize with her mom and sister, Julaine. Kylie still enjoys writing music and has won two awards for her songs. She enjoys her clogging and dance class, plays the guitar and piano, and is still an avid reader. She enjoyed performing in the summer musical again this year, enjoyed playing on her volleyball team, and has fun in 4-H.

Julaine is 10 and enjoying her first year at the middle school.  She is enjoying playing the guitar and piano and has also taken up the bass this year. She enjoys singing and playing music with her family and has a beautiful singing voice. She is enjoying learning the skill of songwriting.  She loves her dance class and enjoyed performing in the summer musical again this year, and was selected to dance in a special tap number. She enjoys soccer, reading, drawing, and spending time with her family. She likes taking care of her little sister, Kiora.

Jaren is also 10 and in 5th grade at Delta Middle School. He loves learning and figuring out how things work. Science is his favorite subject and wants to be a scientist when he grows up. Jaren also enjoys reading, playing with his friends and family and his dog, Copper, jumping on the trampoline, and playing in the water at the reservoir. Jaren enjoys music and playing the piano. He wants to learn the drums and the clarinet. He has performed with the family on keyboards and sings beautifully when his mom can talk him into it. He and Julaine sang in a children's choir last year so his mom knows he secretly likes to. :-)  He also enjoyed performing in his second summer musical this year.  He is certainly not shy!

Logan is 5 and loving kindergarten. Logan is soooo active and loves playing outside, in the water at the reservoir, and taking care of his dog, Copper. He loves playing with friends and his family and his little sister adores him spending time playing with her.  Logan loves playing soccer, learning to read, and loves his guitar lessons. He has also started the piano and violin and enjoys playing around on his harmonica. He likes to sing and has joined his family at performances.

Kiora is 3 and is a pretty little princess. She loves to do what her big siblings do and keeps pretty busy trying to keep up. She loves being read to and listening to her brother, Logan learning to read. She loves her dance class and has danced so cute when her family takes her to performances occasionally. She loves to sing and play on the piano and other instruments when her family members let her. She likes being a big girl and the baby at the same time. She loves being outside and sitting and playing in the sand at the beach at the reservoir and playing in the water. Her mom likes taking her kayaking and she loves it. Occassionally the water relaxes her so much that she falls asleep.

Tim still loves to dairy and is a partner on three family dairies. He keeps very busy with work and at his property on Gunnison Bend Reservoir. He is busy at the res. with dirt work, landscaping, planting trees, building pavilions and getting things ready to build a home, hopefully this coming spring or summer. He is looking forward to only having one piece of property to deal with after they sell their current home. Too much grass to mow and gardens to tend to! The family loves the new beach he made this summer and enjoys his pavillion and the misting system and water fountain he put in. He can build anything! He enjoys kayaking with Loreen when he gets a chance and riding around on his Argo. He loves reading and watching movies. Tim teaches primary at church and has been a scout leader for many years. He is currently serving with Loreen in the Bears den.  He enjoys performing with the Utah Old Time Fiddlers playing a banjo and Houndog lap steel.

Loreen still loves to sing, perform, play guitar, and write music.  She recently (finally) became a member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) and attends meetings in Salt Lake City once a month.  She is also busy with Soundcheck Series, another songwriters/musician group and loves attending their workshops, expos and getting to meet so many people.  She loves watching her children enjoy music and share their talents with others.  Playing music with her family is so rewarding.  She also enjoys performing with the Utah Old Time Fiddlers and loves that her hubby has joined the group too.  Loreen joined when her daughter Kylie was asked to join, just soon after Kylie started to learn to play the violin.  That was two years ago and they are still playing strong.  Loreen also loves to sing with The Blue Notes, a community choir she has been a member of for 11 years!!  She has enjoyed the past two summers of musicals and that her oldest three are loving to perform with her!  She played Fiona in Brigadoon and then this recent summer was Sister Amnesia in Nunsense the Mega Musical.  What fun!!  Loreen works in the Young Women in her church ward as their music leader and loves being in there with Kylie!

Loreen is so proud of Tim and all the work he has done for the family.  They have thoroughly enjoyed kayaking and the view out at their property at Gunnison Bend Reservoir.  The process of getting ready to build, and working the land, and just enjoying the water, wildlife, and the view has all been a great journey.  She looks forward to living out there, but will miss her current neighbors and ward!

We hope all our friends and family enjoy their holidays!!  We wish you a very Merry Christmas season!

Tim, Loreen, Kylie (Age 13), Julaine & Jaren (Age 10), Logan (Age 5), and Kiora (Age 3) Bliss.

Thursday, December 16, 2010



Our 2010 Christmas letter is coming soon!

Meanwhile, feel free to drop us a line and say Hi or look around our blog!

The kids all have accounts too:

They would love to get an email too!
Get Loreen's Christmas music for FREE during this holiday season! Check out this link. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Summer fun, Brigadoon, and updates. Been busy but still need to preserve amongst the chaos!

Wow! It's been a while since I've updated our blog. Thought I would check in. I will have to get busy uploading pictures from our fun summer. We really enjoyed Gunnison Bend Reservoir! Plus we camped, visited family, and kept busy with a summer musical! Loreen and Kylie, Julaine and Jaren, were all part of Fillmore's musical production of Brigadoon! In fact, Loreen had the leading lady role of Fiona! We will have to post pictures. I forget tgo update when life gets so busy. But while I'll update my facebook status, this blog lays forgotten, even though it is here where memories can truly be preserved. I really need to make this into a book someday.
Kylie is in 6th grade and is still doing great on the violin...well fiddle when she is not in orchestra. ;) She is enjoying The Old Time Fiddlers, piano, guitar, tumbling, and clogging. She still loves to sing and performs with me often. Kylie is also teaching herself the ukulele.
Julaine is in 4th grade and is learning the piano and guitar this year. She is still doing great in clogging and is enjoying tumbling one again. She has a beautiful voice and has taken up songwriting like her mom and big sister.
Jaren is also in 4th grade and is so happy to finally be taking guitar lessons. He is also in tumbling and piano. He is in an advanced math class at school and he and Julaine are both members of the elementary schools honor choir. Jaren misses baseball and looks forward to next spring. He also loves scouts and especially the fact his dad is his scout master. He is still ever the inventor. Logan is in preschool and living it! He is also in tumbling and looks forward to soccer season. He also wants to play baseball like his big brother. Logan likes to sing and plays around with any instrument lying around! He loves playing with our golden retriever, Copper, and playing outside with neighbor friends.
Kiora is two and always keeps us smiling. She is finally starting to talk and loves to sign. She loves to sing and dance and has actually done her version of the hula on a stage! She enjoys nursery, and playing with her siblings! Well I'll update Tim and I later!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Overcast morning on the res.

Went for a walk this morning and this was my beautiful view!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upper part of the res property!

Looking East from the upper part of the property. You can see the foundation of the unfinished house on the right side and Gunnison Bend Resevoir out front.

Property on the Gunnison Bend Resevoir in Delta Utah. Papers were signed today!

The beautiful view of the water and the East Mountains. Did you know Delta could be so pretty!? Also learned we have PELICANS here!! Looking forward to taking the kayak up the river which is at the North end of this property.

Res property!

What a view of the water!

Monday, April 26, 2010

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The kids!

Tim and his girls

Tim, Kiora, Kylie and Julaine. Baby goats are sooooo cute!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The marker & then Headstone

Leda M. Muhlestein 1938 - 2010.

Its kind of hard to read what the marker says. A real headstone will be placed at a later date. Mom's funeral was today. It just doesnt seem real. Found out my mom, Leda Muhlestein died at the exact same age that her mom, Leda Law died. And, my youngest sister, Alayna, is the same age that our mom was (34) when her mom died. Some traditions just shouldnt be carried on. :(

Added the new pic of mom's headstone.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loving and comfort from a grandchild

My dad and my daughter Kiora. My mom and dad have 14 grandchildren... with one (my sisters) coming in July, so my mom and her 15th grandchild will have some time in heaven together before he is born.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Dad and Mom holding Kiora - November 2008

Not sure if I ever uploaded this sweet picture of my parents holding Kiora. This was Thanksgiving 2008.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meg and Tim

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Meg and Loreen

Julaine and Meg

Hanging with the horses at the dairy

Meg, Kiora, Logan, Kylie, Julaine, Loreen and Jaren

Kylie and Meg

Hanging out and having fun on the dairy.

Grandpa, Julaine, Jaren, Meg, Kylie, Logan, Tim and Kiora in our milk barn.

In the car riding around the dairy.

Meg, Kiora, Kylie, Grandpa, Logan, Julaine and Jaren. Showing Meg the dairy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dee Nix Kiora and Kylie Bliss

Dee, Kiora, and Kylie are all smiles! 3-7-10

Josh Nix and Jaren Bliss

Josh and Jaren BBQing Josh's famous hamburgers! Yum! 3-7-10

Josh Nix and Tim Bliss

Josh and Tim telling stories. 3-7-10

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Kids and royalty!

Julaine, Logan, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Kylie, Kiora and Jaren. Red Oak High School's production of Cinderella was wonderful!!!!!

The kids and Prince Charming

Josh Nix played Prince Charming in the musical Cinderella and did a great job!! Jaren, Julaine, Logan, Josh, Kylie and Kiora

Josh the human jungle gym!

Dee suggested that Josh demonstrate his strength by holding all the kids. Hee hee. Well, he got a lot of them. Julaine, Kylie, Kiora, Logan, Josh and Jaren

Josh and the kids!

Julaine, Kylie, Kiora, Josh, Jaren, and Logan

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cabellas fish

Looking at fish in Cabellas in Sidney NE. :)

We love Etch A Sketch

Logan and his Etch A Sketch picture. 2-4-10

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Julaines picture 3-4-10

Nintendos and Magna Doodles

Jaren and Julaine driving in the car on the way to meet Josh Nix and his family in Iowa! Nintendos and Magna Doodles are a great way to pass the time.

Looking out the window in Rock Spring WY

Kylie, Kiora, Logan looking out our window in Homewood Suites in Rock Springs WY. First stop on our way to Iowa!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Julaine age 8 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park Feb 2010

Julaine absolutely loves all kinds of animals. And they seem comfortable with her. San Diego Wild Animal Park Feb 2010

Logan turned 4 just two days ago! San Diego Wild Animal Park Feb 2010

Logan had to get his binoculars away from this guy who wanted to see if they were tasty or not. San Diego Wild Animal Park Feb 2010

Kiora (almost 20 mo) in San Diego Wild Animal Park Feb 2010

Kiora went up and petted this animal and then turned promptly around so she could pose for a picture!

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